Looking for Floor Tiles?

Floor Tiles

When your home flooring is not up to scratch it is time to make a decision on what to do about it. Making that decision often will depend on the room that requires the work. If it is only a small area you will find there are much greater inexpensive options available as you can buy last of stocks or end of line products. Bathrooms and kitchens require durable materials due to the traffic and the exposure to moisture.

For the wet or kitchen areas there are two popular choices in the lower budget categories, these are laminate flooring and vinyl flooring. The main differences is that laminate tends to be thicker and give a more realistic wood effect without the cost of real wood.

There is of course vinyl that has a wood look as well. In fact there are so many colour and pattern options you will be amazed. Go for a symetrical pattern such as a chessboard effect or go for completely different and contrasting tiles in rooms such as your kitchen, bathroom, WC or laundry room. Many years ago, vinyl tended to come with no more than one or two colour options, but not today. As with the rest of the world, flooring and the options available have improved in leaps and bounds.

Your first decision relates entirely to your budget. For cost efficient options laminate and vinyl are the two most desirable choices. Laminate is generally the least expensive choice. However, you can also find vinyl at comparable prices with a wide range of styles to suit your floor space.

Many people would love to be able to use real wood or real marble for their flooring but overall the cost factor usually makes this out of the question. Don’t despair as there are many vinyl and laminate options that give you that look of wood or marble but without the price tag. Obviously the quality can not be compared, but the overall results are surprisingly effective.

There are of course real wood or marble options for the areas of your house, again it all comes down to what it is you are looking for that will suit your home and of course the all important costs involved.

Immitation floor tiles have many benefits and you will often find they are manufactured to be very easy to clean and low maintenance and many also have excellent durability.

Vinyl often comes in large sheets as well as tiles so you can choose the look that suits your specific area of the house. You will find in both vinyl and laminate that there are so many colour and style options available that once you have made your decision on the type of floor it will be many hours before you can choose the colour or pattern option that you want.

A good tip for getting an excellent bargain if you only need flooring for a small area or need to re-floor a small section is to look out for ‘clearance’ sales at local suppliers. These clearance sales are often because of over-stocking or end of line products. Be careful if you want to cover a particularly large area of floor as they may not always have the exact amount required.

Whatever you choose, make sure you take the time to check out what is on offer and as above, make sure you search out specials! Especially for smaller areas of your house like perhaps the bathroom and toilet areas. There are so many good deals to be had and so many choices to be made.