Finding a roofer is one of the tedious tasks of home ownership. It’s essential to pick someone you can count on to do solid, lasting roof work. Many homeowners are uneducated about the signs of roof deterioration. If you educate yourself on the signs of roof damage or deterioration, you can pick up on problems before it’s too late. A qualified roofer will be able to identify problem areas in your existing roof and point them out to you. Putting a new roof on a building is complicated; fortunately, a lot of roofing will survive for at least twenty years if it is installed properly.

Use your connections when looking for a roofing professional. Start with recommendations from family and friends. Price is a consideration in your selection, but not the only one. Don’t hire the first company that gives you an estimate. Aim to have at least three estimates. Getting too many estimates may be overwhelming. Getting too few estimates runs the risk of inaccurate pricing. A company that offers an extremely low bid may also be one that cuts corners, so be mindful.

It pays to interview prospective roofers thoroughly. Always ask how long the company has been in business. Since most states require roofers to be licensed and bonded, be certain the one you’re considering is. Inquire about standards for worker training, especially with regard to safety. Ask for information on the company’s financial stability.

A contractor who is committed to quality often belongs to professional roofing organizations, so ask if yours does. Don’t overlook the step of getting references and calling previous clients to check their satisfaction. Look into whether local organizations have received complaints about a roofer from dissatisfied clients.

Find out how quickly the roofing company will be able to complete their work. Inquire whether your roof can be re-roofed (have new materials installed over old ones). Your best choice may be a complete tear-off, with all-new materials. Be sure to get information on different types of shingles, what type is recommended, and why. Your contractor should tell you how long you can expect your new roof to last. Carefully go through any warranties that are provided and ask questions.

Any roofer worth his salt wants his client to understand the work being done. A roofer that tries to talk you into a product without explaining options should raise a red flag. Estimates should be clear, detailed, and always in writing. Never sign something without understanding it; ask the roofer to spell things out if needed. Get contact information for the person who will be in charge of your roof work so you can get questions answered. It’s worth paying a little more for a company you can trust to perform quality work on your home.

Roof contractor you hire should have a valid license and insurance policy. All contractors should also have insurance, like worker’s compensation and liability insurance. Be sure to personally examine jobs that have recently been done by a contractor. Get an estimate from a few different contractors, and always have your chosen contractor draft you a contract.