3 Great Reasons To Continue To Install Wooden Windows In Your Property.

3 Great Reasons To Continue To Install Wooden Windows In Your Property.

There is great architecture in the United Kingdom and there are a large number of Victorian buildings still standing and looking as good as the day that they were built. One design feature that stands out is the use of wooden frames and windows in these homes. Putting UPVC windows and frames in these homes would be a travesty as we need to try to keep the original look of these buildings. Wooden frames were chosen back when the house was built as this was all that was available then, but the wood still remains a great choice and there are a number of reasons for that.

If your property has wooden windows in Barnsley, have a look at the following benefits of wooden windows before you consider other more modern materials.

  1. As long as wooden windows are properly sealed, they are a great choice in the hot and cold, wet and sunny weather that we experience in the United Kingdom. They won’t warp or crack.

  1. They also provide fantastic insulation and perform better than metal frames for example. If you choose to put in double glazing glass in the frame, then the insulation properties rise again.

  1. If properly sealed, there is very little maintenance involved in taking care of them. They might need a rub down with some soap and water twice a year, but that’s about all you need to do.

Wooden windows were and still remain a great choice for any home but especially period homes where you want to try to keep the original look.












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