DIY Tips On How To Temporarily Repair Broken Windows

DIY Tips On How To Temporarily Repair Broken Windows

You probably already know that you need to have your windows replaced but you do not have the budget for it yet. Every homeowner knows that broken window replacement can be expensive. But what can you do to temporarily fix the problem? The crack can be due to a smashed baseball or it can be because of extreme weather conditions.

Permanent broken window repair or a replacement is not always an option. So here are some quick fixes that you can do to keep weather and insects out until you are able to save up for a replacement or a permanent repair:

Examine The Broken Area.

Before anything else, start by putting on a heavy duty work gloves. Examine the area where it is cracked or broken. If it is merely cracked and there’s no glass missing, feel the cracked area by pressing gently to ensure that there are no loose parts that can fall out.

Secure The Area

Place a clear packing tape over the crack. If you are sure that the glass feels sturdy, apply tape onto the cracked area on the opposite side of the pane. Rub the tape in place with your fingernails to smooth out any air bubbles.

Once the tape is in place, it is time to search for any small holes in your window. Find any missing pieces near the cracks of the glass. If there are any, patch the small holes with nail polish. Make sure that you apply in layers. Allow it to dry in between coats. Keep applying the nail polish until the holes are securely patched.

Search For Loose Glass Shards

If you found out that the area has a missing glass or it is too large to tape or applying nail polish for a temporary fix, then you have to search for the loose glass shards. Use your heavy duty work gloves and remove shards carefully. Now you have to measure the area that you need to cover. If it is the entire pane or panel, do the next tip.

Cover The Larger Broken Area

Since you are able to locate the larger area, cover it with several layers of plastic. You need to cut it to the right size with scissors. If you do not have any plastic, get a sturdy trash bag that you can use. Tape it into place using packaging tape. If you are securing the plastic into the edges of a wooden window frame, you can use a staple gun. Then secure the plastic to the outside if you need to.

Call A Professional Window Repairman

The tips mentioned above are only a temporary fix. It can only protect you from insects and extreme weather conditions for some time. Eventually, you would need to call a professional to get your window fixed. One of the most trusted names is SoCal Budget Windows. They have the experts when it comes to window and door replacement or installment. If this is what you need, give them a ring to know your options.

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