Five Ideas For Fireplace Surround

Five Ideas For Fireplace Surround

A fireplace is a great way to create an ambiance in your home. A fireplace surround can have a huge impact on the vibe and style that you’re living room or home radiates. A fireplace surround affords you the opportunity to be creative and customize the look of your home. Below are five ideas for what you can do to liven up your fireplace surround.

  1. Trim Around Fireplace – Framing your fireplace is a great way to add to the presentation of any room. By installing trim around a fireplace, it helps to frame the fireplace that is simple, yet effective. You can create many modern fireplace designs from classic tiered trimming or add decorative tiles that help to add a ‘wow’ factor to any area.
  2. Wooden Mantel – With the addition of a mantel, you will be adding a sense of warmth to any room. A natural material like wood helps to separate the mantel face from the upper wall. You can use this opportunity to add a unique piece of wood or even add tremendous character with an antique wooden slab. The possibilities are endless and the design impact is huge.
  3. Decorated Fireplace – The surrounding area of an indoor gas fireplace is your chance to be creative. You may want to add decorations such as colorful candles or patterned pillows in the living area surrounding, adding pops of green with different succulent and ferns or even hanging artwork to give a truly rich and inviting feel to the space.
  4. Open Fireplace – An open fireplace translates to having a gate-free fireplace, which creates an open concept in the room. Keep in mind with this idea that there should be no flammable materials near the fireplace, young children, pets, etc. After taking into consideration all safety aspects, this type of fireplace will truly create a stunning and organic arrangement to any space.
  5. Simplifying your Fireplace – You do not need to go overboard with your fireplace design. In fact, creating simplistic designs like an all white marble surround will be the first thing guests notice when they walk into the room. A contrasting look can really accentuate a fireplace with a clean and classic design.

With your modern fireplace from Spark Fires, there are many designs that you can do to create a unique distinction from the end of the fireplace to the wall space behind. Create unique fireplace frames, add a rustic wooden mantle piece for an organic look or even create simplistic looks with a black and white marble surrounding. Your contemporary fireplace surrounding is entirely up to you! Contact Spark Fires today for a beautiful modern fireplace that will motivate you to create stunning surroundings.

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