Here’s How To Create An Outdoor Living Room

Here’s How To Create An Outdoor Living Room

It’s already summertime, and it’s about time for you to enjoy the outdoors, breathe in fresh air and start to live with nature after purchasing your dream house with the help of the city of Houston down payment assistance programs. One way to do this is to create an outdoor living room and extend your entertaining area.

Here are some tips on how to do so.

Shade It

It can be quite a terrible experience when you have the sun shining down on your face as you try to enjoy the greeneries. As such, it is important to have space with some shady spots. Make sure you place your outdoor living room under a shade tree, the shade of the house or merely use some patio umbrellas. Your choice.

Floor It

Have a great foundation so you know your outdoor living room can withstand harsh weather. Don’t just set your lawn furniture on your yard. It’s best to create a room that can define it on the ground. If you have a back porch, gazebo, or patio, you already have a floor that’s nearly finished.

Make Things Private

If you see that your outdoor living room is a bit open for the whole world to see, it might be a good idea to add some wooden trellis, a fence, or a hedge. These not only add decoration to your living room, but they also offer visual privacy for your friends and family.

By choosing the right plants for your outdoor living room, you can train these to provide your space a ceiling or walls for your outdoor room. You might want to consider bamboo family plants to have dense and quick wall coverage. Ensure these can contain them since these spread pretty fast.

Furnish Things

Your living room can be elaborate or simple as you want it to be. Put a few types of furniture such as chairs, benches, or a bar where you can put some drinks or books. If you want, you can also add a table for meals.

Aside from these, a grill, a refrigerator, a sink or even a fire pit will be enough to furnish your outdoor living room and bring it to life.


Unlike indoor living rooms, outdoor living spaces are perfect for beautiful trees and potted plants. You can even decorate it with art pieces which can tolerate the weather.

Some popular options are a water fountain, a birdbath, a koi pond, a water wall and a few more. Including water, the element can be a great way to decorate the outdoors to enhance the sights and sounds.

Put Some Lights

If you want to enjoy your new space, it’s best to add some lights. Install some tiki torches or permanent light fixtures. You can also opt for candles on the tables or add a candle chandelier for a centerpiece to your outdoor room.

Just don’t forget that you can choose from a lot of solar-powered LED options at low rates. There are also string lights which you can wrap around the plants, trees, and posts. You can even create a wall of light with the strands of LED bulbs.

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