How to Unblock a Drain

How to Unblock a Drain

 A blocked drain is a homeowner’s worst fear, and no matter how much care is taken, blocked drains do occur. Of course, there are many home remedies that you employ, although each would have a limited amount of success, if any, and with that in mind, here are a few solutions that might unblock a drain.

  • Boiling Water – If the kitchen sink is blocked, it could be due to food waste being put down the sink, and pouring some boiling water down the drain might be effective. With affordable blocked drains services in Torquay, it might be better to call in a specialist company, who have both the know-how and the equipment to handle any kind of drain blockage.
  • A Range of Chemical Solutions – There are products you can buy that unblock drains, yet you first have to know where the blockage is, which can be difficult to locate. The professionals use a small, but rugged go-anywhere CCTV vehicle, which gives the technician a close up view of the entire drainage system, and that eliminates the need to dig up half the garden searching for the blockage.
  • A Plunger – These handy devices can quickly unblock a small blockage that is close to the sink, and they can be found at any hardware store, and work by creating a vacuum that should put pressure on the blockage, which might be enough to shift it.

If you are experiencing a blocked drain, call in a local drain cleaning service who can clear the blockage and give you a full report of the condition of the drains

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