My Roof is Leaking – What Should I Do?

My Roof is Leaking – What Should I Do?

You’re going about your business cleaning the house as a storm hits outside, it rains heavily for hours and suddenly you notice your roof has started to leak. What should you do? These tips will help you effectively deal with the situation.

Contain the Water

First thing you should do to minimise the damage is lay a plastic sheet on the ground. If you don’t have one lying around, try to cover or remove any items that can be damaged by water. This would include personal belongings such as:

  • Furniture
  • Rugs
  • Electronic devices
  • Pictures
  • Valuables

Remove the Water & Call Your Insurance Company

It is important to remove the water from your home by drying any damaged items as soon as possible. Water will stain your belongings, in addition, it will allow mold to grow if not treated. When you’ve cleared the area, call your insurance company to see if you are covered for a leaky roof.

Call a Professional Roofer

Once you’ve followed the above steps, it is time to call a professional. There are plenty of qualified Warwickshire Roofers in the West Midlands who offer competitive rates and great services if you’ve a problem with your roof.

To ensure you get the best possible service remember these points.

  • Get several quotes
  • Choose a licensed & insured contractor
  • Get an outline of specific maintenance instructions
  • Get a detailed contract covering all services
  • Ask about a guarantee

If your leak is roofing, you should do your best to contain it. Once contained, look to call a roofing expert to fix the damage.

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