Risks of lack of roof maintenance

Risks of lack of roof maintenance

With the arrival of spring and good weather it is necessary to revise our roof. Especially if it has not been checked for a while or if the winter has been especially harsh. Many times we forget the importance of this and we only try to fix it when it is late and we have to pay a pile of money. There is no need to spend a fortune to maintain our roof as we can find affordable roofing services in Cambridge. But regular maintenance can be key to saving a lot of money in the future.

The main risks of lack of roof maintenance are:

  • Rupture and fall of a tile. To find out if there is a loose tile, a visual check can suffice: generally, those that are not attached to the roof appear broken, displaced or twisted. For greater safety, it is recommended to examine the roof carefully to check that there are no loose tiles.
  • Crack formation. This is related to the first point, since if a tile breaks, moves or falls, the gap left will lead to a crack. However, this does not have to happen with a tile in order for a crack to form: this can only be the result of the action of fungi or poor waterproofing.
  • Plants growing on the roof. Plants on our roof can give us more headaches than it looks. Plants can attract insects and even birds, as well as dampness problems.

The formation of cracks as well as the breakage or displacement of cracks can be due to the action of storms, but also to the simple erosion caused by the weather for a long time. There are other factors that can affect our roof: a roof that does not receive much sun will be more likely to the action of fungi, algae and bacteria. In other words, there are many elements that affect the state of the roof. That is why it is advisable, in any case, to check it thoroughly in order to act in time in the event of any inconvenience.








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