Skip Hire: Focusing on Safety

Skip Hire: Focusing on Safety

When hiring a skip for commercial or domestic purposes, it is important to consider all aspects of safety. A skip hire company is governed by strict health and safety guidelines, but this doesn’t apply to the customer. If you are concerned by renting a skip and you aren’t sure about how to keep everyone free from harm, this article gives some useful tips. Companies who specialise in skip hire services in Croydon recommend doing some research on safety or speaking to your hire company to gain further knowledge of safety procedures when renting a unit.

Here are some things to consider prior to hiring a skip:

  • Skip size
  • Duration of the project
  • Access points to your home or business
  • Material you’ll be disposing of
  • Location of the skip on your premises

In order to get the most out of your skip hire, keep these safety points in mind next time you decide to hire a skip.

Preparation – Before the unit arrives, you must decide where to put it. It must be placed on a flat, level surface which is free from any obstacles.

Public Safety – If the skip is to be located in a public area, you must notify the relevant authorities. You may be to apply for a permit or have the company get one for you.

Loading the Skip – When loading a skip, you must be careful to ensure it is done correctly. If you don’t stack the unit properly, rubbish could easily fall out and hit other people.

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