What to Do with a Blocked Drain

What to Do with a Blocked Drain

Of all the things that could go wrong with the family home, a blocked drain is something that no one wishes to experience. It can happen at any time to any property, and once it does, you need to contact a local drain specialist, who will make short work of the problem. Some people say you can unblock a drain yourself by buying chemical solutions, yet, nine times out of ten, the problem persists, so you are advised to leave it to the drain unblocking experts.

Sourcing a Suitable Service

Whether you are looking for drain cleaning in Glasgow or London, an online search is the best way to locate a nearby firm that unblocks drains. They would have fully equipped mobile units and most have an emergency number if the problem occurs outside normal working hours. In the event your drains become blocked, do not:

  • Flush the toilets
  • Let waste water enter the system

Otherwise it could overflow, leading to a nasty mess.

State of the Art Equipment

One of the hardest things to ascertain is where the blockage actually is, and the experts have small go-anywhere remote control vehicles that house CCTV cameras and they send one down the drain that will tell them exactly what is going on inside the pipes. The experts can unblock the drain without having to dig up half the garden, which takes time and therefore costs money.

While the drain specialist is clearing the blockage, you can ask him to inspect the whole system, which will give you a clear idea of the state of the drainage system.

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