What Tools Does a Painter & Decorator Use?

What Tools Does a Painter & Decorator Use?

Like any tradesman, the painter and decorator is only as good as his tools and equipment, and if you are planning a bit of home renovations, here are just some of the essential things you will need to acquire.

  • Paintbrushes and Rollers – You will need a variety of sizes, from a small 1-inch brush, for delicate corners and edges, to a 4-inch emulsion brush, and everything in between. Any Painter and decorator in Bristol would have brushes for water-based paints and a few for oil-based work, and you should opt for top quality brushes, as they leave the best finish.
  • Preparation Tools – Any surface must first be prepared, by using scrapers to remove any bumps, then the scraper is used to apply a filler mix, which fills any holes. Sandpaper is a must have, with several grades, for both rough and fine sanding.
  • Protection – The painter & decorator would have many blankets and sheets to cover furniture and flooring, prior to starting work.
  • Scaffold Tower – Either an aluminium scaffold tower or a good pair of stepladders would be required, which should provide you with a solid platform on which you can work.
  • Wallpapering – Hanging wallpaper is an art, and the professional painter & decorator would have pasting tables, brushes and scissors, and each would have their own way of hanging, personalised by their own routine.

The secret to quality work is the preparation, and whether it is timber, cement or plaster, the substrate must be properly prepared. If you have all of the above and a free weekend, why not start with one room and if it doesn’t work out, you always have your local painter & decorator.





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