Wood Cabinets For Kitchen And Bathroom

Wood Cabinets For Kitchen And Bathroom

Want to change your wood cabinets? Especially fitted in kitchen and bathroom? In this article we will discuss some of the cabinets that you can use to refinish your old cabinets. Refinishing the cabinets is the best option as you do not have to pay for replacing the whole cabinet and will give it a totally new look. To refinish your cabinets you can take the help of refinishing experts.

But before you plan to refinish your cabinets, it is important that you must have full knowledge about all things that are involved and also about the final design and wood used. Just check the description of some common woods using which the cabinets are made.

Cherry wood is famous for closed grain and uniform beautiful patterns. It is best in hard wood cabinets. The raw wood has pinkish brown hue and also comes in other variety of colors like shades in white, yellow, green, pink and gray. The cherry wood is basically identified in mineral streaks, spots of gum and bits of pinholes. The color of the wood become dark as the time passes. This is because of the excess exposure to sunlight and artificial lights.

Maple wood is commonly use in bowling alleys and places where hard wood is required. It is shock resistant and is available in shades of white which also comes in natural white color, Colors from light red brown heartwood to white colored sap wood.

Hickory wood is famous for its hardness and is shock resistant. The finished condition and streaks give it a beautiful look. You can find all the colors between white to chocolate brown.

Oak wood is the most common wood used for manufacturing of cabinets and other furniture. It is hard and shock and stain resistant. You will find various colors ranging from salmon pink to dirty white.

Birch wood is best known to face any type of shock. Its texture is totally even with fine grain and white or yellowish color. You can identify it as small pin knots or shiny blur wood. You can opt for different type of paints, stains and polishes. Also the price is extremely low. Normally birch wood was used in old times. Because of its beauty it is still famously preferred.

It is recommended that when you are going to refinish a cabinet, be sure to keep a check on each and every type of things that are used. Have a good knowledge about each and every wood and finishing component. You can also opt for wood of one type and design and finishing of other type. For this consult your refinishing expert and he is the one who will give you the best knowledge about all the combinations that you can make.

Tired of your kitchen and bathroom cabinets? You can update these with modern styles of wood cabinets that will surely make it appear attractive.Or you may want to try through internet there is a huge number of styles and information is available.

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